About Us

Our bipartisan team consists of five principals, each of whom have over two decades of experience in their respective policy areas. We’ve led Governor’s offices, served as statewide elected officials, managed legislative chambers, closed tens of millions in government related business opportunities and helped engineer some of the largest infrastructure projects in our state. Simply put, we know how to get things done, because we have repeatedly been in the room when they get done. Our team’s public sector experience includes service as:

  • Georgia Secretary of State
  • Chief of Staff, Governor
  • Chief of Staff, Lt. Governor
  • Consultant, Senator Johnny Isakson
  • Comms Director, U.S. House of Reps
  • Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Sugar Hill
  • CEO, Directco Inc.
  • Consultant, Senator David Perdue
  • Director, Georgia World Congress Center
  • Director, Georgia Engineering Board
  • Policy & Public Affairs Director, Georgia EPD
  • Intergovernmental Affairs Director, Georgia DOAS
  • Republican Party Chair, Georgia
  • Director, Water Supply Program
  • Inaugural Committee, Governor Brian Kemp
  • Transition Team, Governor Nathan Deal
  • Transition Team, Governor Sonny Perdue
  • Federal Relations, Duke University
  • Director, Georgia Lottery Corporation
  • Government Affairs Lead, Association of County Commissioners of Georgia
Impact Public Affairs officially began in 2019, but our partners have been working successfully in this arena for decades.

We joined forces with a simple premise: when major business initiatives intersect with public policy, clients need a guide who can develop a strategy and implement it to seize an opportunity or solve a problem using the perfect combination of tools.

Lobbyists persuade, PR firms publicize, lawyers litigate, pollsters poll and sales people sell. These are all viable solutions to some problems, but none of them fit every problem.

Our unique expertise is this: we look at your business without any preconceived notions about how to get the result you want, and we build a custom strategy around achieving that goal.

Hitting a screw with a hammer over and over isn’t going to work. Yet, it happens all the time. We get results by a service-agnostic approach that picks the right tool for the job, rather than focusing on selling you the one thing we offer.

If you need proven expertise and experience to assist with your high priority projects, we may be the right consultants for you. The partners of our firm have a unique combination of experience, creativity, resourcefulness and friendships with key government officials.

We value our relationships with our clients very much. Many of them have honored us with their trust and confidence for five years or more. We specialize in high stakes, high bottom line impact problems and solutions and we do not delegate work to inexperienced staff.

We believe there is no substitute for experience, a proven track record and an intense focus on our clients and their objectives when it comes to actually getting results.

“The firm brings together some of the most influential people in state politics.”