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Impact Public Affairs officially began in 2019, but our partners have been working successfully in this arena for decades. We joined forces with a simple premise: when major business initiatives intersect with public policy, clients need a guide who can develop a strategy and implement it to seize an opportunity or solve a problem using the perfect combination of tools.

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"The Impact team has been “involved in Georgia government and politics at the highest levels during the last several decades.”

The Atlanta Business Chronicle

“The firm brings together some of the most influential people in state politics.”

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Natalie Knight Joins Impact Public Affairs

“We are seeing a significant increase in local, state and federal support for long overdue investments in public infrastructure.  Natalie’s experience leading complex infrastructure delivery in both government…

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Procurement in the Time of COVID: How Your Company Can Thrive

By Brandon Hembree & Brad Alexander  Aesop’s parable of the ant and the grasshopper is one of our favorite stories. The ant works hard in the withering heat…

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